20 Tips to organically market your brand on Instagram

Tips To Organically Market Your Brand On Instagram

Above in text as requested for my blogs:

20 Tips to organically market your brand on Instagram

Create a unique bio for your brand

Add your website URL

Leverage the power of hashtags

Strategise content campaigns

Reach out to influencers

Engage with your audience

Schedule your posts

Use Instagram stories to share behind the scenes

Post at least  once a day 

 Know your audience and their language 

Use free tools for designing graphics 

Leverage photo contest to engage with customers

 Use filters wisely according to your theme 

Showcase your brand persona 

Share on other social networks

Preview new products for your viewers

Analyse your Instagram statistics 

Focus on building a community

Respond to all the comments and be open to feedback

Create brand identity hashtags that are unique  

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