25 Things You Didn't Know About WordPress

Ever wanted to learn some facts about WordPress?

WPBeginner created this INFOGRAPHIC with just that.

wordpress infographic

Credit to WPBeginner

A quick summary of the above INFOGRAPHIC as requested for my blogs.

1.WordPress is older than Facebook.

2.The name was suggested by Christine Selleck Tremoulet.

3.WordPress powers nearly 27% of all websites.

4.WordPress dominates 76.45 of CMS Market.

5.Wordpress is open source and free.

6.WordPress is not owned by any company.

7.WordPress doesn’t have a CEO.

8. WordPress is a multi-billion dollar economy.

9.As of 2016 WordPress had a total of 1.48 billion plugin downloads.

10.Wordpress is used by governments all over the world.

11.Wordpress is used by Education services.

12.Theres more than 50,000 free plugins.

13.More non-english WordPress downloads.

14.WordPress is available in 68+ languages.

15.WorlCamp events in 41 countries.

16.Wordpress meet-ups in 58 countries.

17.WordPress has cousin projects.

18.11.45% of WordPress sites use SSL encryption.

19. WordPress is written in PHP and MySQL.

20.20% of WordPress is written in JavaScript.

21.Free community based WordPress Support.

22.WordPress releases named after jazz artists.

23.WordPress has a built-in auto update system.

24.WordPress.com is not the same as WordPress.org

25.Wordpress for multisite networks.

If you would like to use the text or infographic feel free to as long as you place a link back to this page to give credit