Five reasons your ecommerce store isn't making any sales

Above in text as requested for my blogs:



1. Bad images and product descriptions

Customers rely on your images and product description to purchase online, that’s because they are not physically holding your product.
If your descriptions are missing information and the images are not clear or relative to the product, there is a high chance you will not sell.

2. Improper promotion

When starting out it can be tough if nobody knows who you are. If you don’t promote yourself to the right audience, then you will continue to struggle.
You need to think of who is going to buy your product(s) and use social media and/or even paid advertisement to push it to the right crowd. Once you start to build your customer base, testimonials and social websites will promote your store.

3. Hidden shipping costs

There is nothing worse than hidden costs!
I have abandoned carts due to costs that were hidden up until the last step, and mostly ridiculously high ones at that!
Shipping rates are one of the biggest reasons for abandoned shopping carts and it could be avoided.
Be upfront about your costs in the product page, and bundle products together where possible for cheaper shipment.

4. Complex checkout

Multiple step checkouts are frustrating for customers. Once you have decided to buy something, you dont want to spend a long time paying for it. Checkouts should be quick and easy to navigate through, also you should never require registration before checkout but instead leave it for the end of the process so that your customer can register if they want to visit again.

5. Lack of engagement

Nobody likes a pushy salesperson, but a lack of engagement is just as bad.
Use social media to keep your brand in peoples mind and respond to feedback so your customers feel like their opinions on your service/products matter.


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