6 valuable web design tips for service selling companies

Credit to Shubhashishit

Above in text as requested for my blogs:

1. brief your customers about you

While selling services, you want your brand name to get noticed. You want your customer to know that you offer way better, more affordable, and long-lasting services than your competitors.

2. Analyse your competitors and leverage the knowledge

put high-quality professional images of your team members (employees) on your website. If you are a company that values the expertise, competence, and hard work of the employees then the customers will assume you will value them too.

3. introduce your team 

In the world of 7 billion people, you are probably not alone in your stream. Your competitors might be doing a good job in it too. However, you can leverage both their advantages and disadvantages to invigorate your website & flush out its flaws.

4. stay active

The successfully completed projects in your testimonials are the harbinger of trust and assurance. Your potential customers will anticipate your commitments by looking through your testimonials.

5. show off a compelling testimonial

A dead horse is no value while a young racing horse can be as expensive as a sports car. A business website that hasn’t been charges since eons, is dead for the customers. Your inactiveness sends a bolt of suspicion that directly attacks your customer’s decisions in a negative way. Use the power of social media and make regular posts.



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