A guide to creating compelling and engaging social media posts

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A guide to creating compelling and engaging social media posts

When you’re a business entity, posting on social media is easier said than done. it’s not like you’re posting on your personal Facebook account or tweeting on your Twitter timeline where anything goes is OK. For one, you’d want to convey a professional yet friendly tone when speaking to your target market. You must understand that every platform works differently from one another and be mindful of what, how or when to post your content or social updates to get the most out of your marketing campaigns on each channel. You could also engage your audience better when you offer content that resonates well with them. In fact, there have been studies that delved into the reasons people share content on social media, and the finding is that anything valuable and entertaining and which appeals to emotions gets shared easily across social networks. Here then are additional insights on how to write compelling and engaging social media posts:














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