How to turn LinkedIn into a lead generation machine

The old way of selling isn’t effective with today’s modern buyer.

This has changed the way companies sell

Netflix,Apple,Amazon,Google and Facebook are all now providing personalised content online. Small and medium-sized companies are having to catch up and customise how they engage with their customers online because..

LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B individuals and businesses – when used properly To attract today’s buyer, it requires a new sales dialogue and a value-based selling approach. The sales dialogue needs to shift from ”what can i sell you?” to ”How can i help you?”

”What can i sell you?” says:                                                        ”How can i help you?” says:

  • I care about your money                                                       I care about you and your business
  • What else can i sell you?                                                      How else can i add value?
  • Thank you for your business                                            Thank you for helping us do business better.

A strong personal brand is essential

Three things your personal brand (and LinkedIn profile) must do:

Build authority and credibility – Your LinkedIn personal profile must effectively build credibility and position your authority

Describe how you solve your prospects problem – Demonstrate how you solve the problem your prospects have

Increase trust and engagement – Your LinkedIn profile (personal brand) must develop and increase trust, and inspire prospects to connect and engage with you

”People don’t care about your business. They care about their problems. Be the solution they are looking for.”

7 Seconds to impress

Seven seconds is all you have to wow a potential client, whether in person or in the digital realm. Your social selling successes dependent on how your LinkedIn profile represents you and your brand.

Seven steps to attract your ideal client

Step 1. Get Found

Choose the right keyword to ensure that you can be easily found on LinkedIn by anyone who searches for what you offer.

Step 2. Your Why Story

The only thing that truly differentiates you from your other competitors is your why story. Why do you do what you do?

Step 3. Credibility 

Display your credibility, expertise,experience and include social proof in your LinkedIn profile.

Step 4. Ideal Clients

Your profile must speak to your ideal clients and, more specifically, the problems they face

Step 5. CTA (Call To Action)

Include a call to action to let an interested reader of your LinkedIn profile know exactly what to do next.

Step 6. Authority 

Demonstrate your authority with additional resources such as LinkedIn Publisher posts, or a video of you speaking or teaching on your topic.

Step 7. Stand Out

Stand out with professional images, rich media, and headline that captures attention

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