Web Design Trends For Success In 2018

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A Creative design draws attention while intelligent content builds interest. And to

grab attention at first place, the website designing has to be simple, functional and


Quick 5 facts to know

48% of people cited a website’s design as
number one factor in deciding the credibility of
the business.

94% of people gave web designing as a reason
for rejecting or mistrusting a website.

• 38% of people don’t engage with a website if the
layout is boring and unappealing.

• If given 15 minutes on a website, 67% of people

would read something beautifully designed
41\ rather than something plain.

67% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a
website which is compatible with mobile phones.

Essential 10 web design trends to follow in 2018


Vibrant colours and bold font

Bright hues and bold font seem to be the design
trend, sticking around now. Colours increase the
BC web recognition by 80%. Using audacious fonts

and vibrant colours grab the quick attention of
a visitor.


Asymmetrical grid

Supporting the ultra-modern design style, 2018
demands more neutral space and irregular
layouts. The appeal of an asymmetrical layout is
distinctive, aesthetic but experimental too


Advanced scroll triggered animations

Use scroll triggered animation in a new way in
2018. A minimalist, educational and strategic
designed scroll triggered animation will clean up
the look and feel of the website as well as
increase conversions.


Scalable vector graphics (SVG)

SVG is going to overtake all other graphical
formats in 2018. WHY? Because they are
incredibly scalable and deliver better multimedia
experience without slowing down the website


Voice and natural language search

The future of web design isn’t 100% visual. It is a
bit audible as well. Integrating the world of voice
and language has a long way to go as a part of
designing now.


Progressive web apps

Blending best of web and app behaviour is
referred as a Progressive web app. 2018 will see
reflections of mobile apps like animated page
transition, push notification and splash screen
on the websites, giving the appearance of a web


Subtle animation

Small, simple animation can always surprise and
delight users. This little movement within the
design itself engages the user more and acts as
a source of information too.


Internet of Things and chatbot

Connecting web services to the Internet of
things and integrating chatbots to better deal a
customer will continue being one of the top
trends in 2018 also. The interconnected and
brilliant technology has brought a paradigm
shift in designing process.


VR videos

With the easy availability of cheap VR headsets
in the market, there will be more of VR videos on
websites in 2018. This technology has already
taken the interaction level of customers and
Pt brand to a next level.


Photo content

A picture is worth a thousand words and a
message conveyed through a picture is likely to
stay longer in the minds of the user. Photos or
cinemagraphs will continue to be an imperative
part of designing in 2018 also.



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