Key Principles Of Effective Web Design

Need key principles for web design?
Digivate share their tips on effective web design

Here is a quick summary
Content comes first
Know your audience
Use appropriate media
Be intuitive
Don’t fear whitespace
remove barriers
Strive for simplicity
Don’t reinvent the wheel
be consistent
call to action

Credit To Digivate

Key Principles Of Effective Web Design


Content comes first – don’t put the cart before the content before you decide how the website should look.


Know your audience – consider the needs and expectations of your ideal visitor and appeal to those users on a more intuitive level.


User appropriate media – use the most relevant and user- friendly media available to convey information.


Be intuitive – a clear structure, visual clues and easily recognisable links to help users to find the path to their aim.


Don’t fear whitespace – whitespace reduces cognitive overload and make it easier to digest the information presented on screen.


Remove barriers – let users explore your site and discover your services without forcing them into sharing private data first.


Strive for simplicity – users rarely visit a site just to enjoy the design – they are looking for information.


Don’t reinvent the wheel – standard design conventions reduce the need for your users to figure out how your site works.


Be consistent – keep the layout and branding consistent between the pages of your website.


Call to action – guide and encourage users to perform useful actions and increase sales of lead generation.


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