Why good website design is essential for your business in 2018?

When talking about web design, first impressions are huge. A website that is attractive is essential in todays 21stcentury market. In today’s look online first era it is many peoples first view of a business. It might not be what you would like but unfortunately customers are already judging your business by what they see online first. If a company shows lack of effort online, it does make you wonder what other areas of their business they put a lack of effort in. We would like to think it’s not their service and products but it does make you think.


What makes a good website design

Below we will look at what makes a fantastic website and what can help turn visitors into customers.

  • Fantastic branding and logo
  • Easy to read text and making use of visual aids.
  • Website colours that match the brand
  • Brilliant clear and visible call to actions
  • Easy to navigate around the website


In today’s modern world a lot of people are always on the go and want their product or service yesterday. This is why its important as well as ticking the points above you need to be clear in your message and what service or products you are selling. With more and more people using their mobile phone you need to make sure that your website is mobile responsive for any phone or device including all the browsers available.


A website developer knows all too well about how approachable you need to make your website. Talk to the end user just as you would in your shop or at a meeting. Its important to show you care about your business and brand just as much as you care about the product or service you provide. We all know that when you receive excellent service and enjoy the experience you are far more likely to use it again.

good website design

A website for your business is one of the smartest investments you can make. Most people when looking at their business have no idea on what they think a great website should look like and what functions it should provide.

Below we will talk about why a fantastic sold website really is important for your business.


  • Your website is a reflection you, your business and your products and service you sell. If your website looks thrown together and no real care or effort has gone into it, they will perceive that’s how your business and you are as a whole. On the other hand if your website looks well-constructed and professional. Your potential customers will think that you have enough customers to afford to put into a decent website which means you provide a good service or good products. A lot of people will attempt to build a website themselves we encourage it but please be mindful I can build walls it doesn’t mean it will support a roof. If in doubt speak to a professional and seek good advice from other successful website owners.


  • Your website can bring extra local business and having a solid website can mean your business grows. Local customers usually come from as we spoke about above people who use their mobiles to find businesses like yours online. If they find one of your competitors and their online presence and website looks better than yours or worse still you don’t have a website they are far more likely to choose your competitor over you.


  • Your website does not have to just be local business. When your online it’s like giving everyone in the world an opportunity to find you. Granted you might not be at the top of the list if a user is looking for something more local to them but then maybe you’re the next town over and have a product or service they just can’t find local to them. Better still if you’re an ecommerce store then you can sell to people from all over the world.


  • If a local newspaper or magazine is looking for a quote for their article they are far more likely to choose a business that cares about their online presence. A media mention can work wonders for your business. I have seen one mention of a local business in a local paper book up a business for the whole year. Now we know that these are not easy to come by, but you have to be in it to win it.

So why does good web design matter?

In summary when looking at your business make sure you choose to build a website that you can really be proud of and you know you have every chance or bringing new customers onboard. Hire a web designer you know has a proven track record. Check out some of our articles including – How much should website design cost

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