How your business can prepare for COVID-19


With With so much uncertainty in the UK right now about the pandemic coronavirus, you may be thinking how can I prepare my business for the effects. Below we make the following suggestions.

Do not panic

Panic creates terrible decisions that will harm your business. It’s essential to get the opinion of your trusted friends and staff and not just make decisions on a whim.

Work from home

If you and your staff can work from home, then do so. There are fantastic tools out there, such as zoom that enable conferencing and screen sharing, which is easy to use. When your staff are working from home, it’s essential to check in on them every couple of hours and support them. Encouraging breaks will help your team be more productive.
If your business is due some maintenance such as accounts, work, or other admin tasks you have been putting off schedule them in. Take advantage of any downtime. You could use the time to update your website.


If you own a shop, maybe looking into selling your products online. This could be a great way of making sure you receive sales while people are avoiding close contact.
Keeping customers updated
It’s essential at this time to keep your customers updated and calm the panic. The calmer your customers are, the more likely they are to continue purchasing products and booking in services.

Government Information

It’s essential to keep up to date with all the government information. In other countries, we see a trend of grants for businesses and support with sick pay. We believe this will follow soon.
Keeping staff updated
It’s essential to keep the team updated and calm; we are all in this together, and with each other’s support, we will pull through.

If you need any help or suggestions on how to help your business through this time, please contact us on 01274 610101.