Magento 2 Upgrade Services

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migrations

Magento 2 is the newest version of the Magento 1 your current store runs with. While Magento 1 already offers you great performances, Magento 2 is a better way to upscale your online business.

Well, do I need to upgrade?

From June 2020, support for Magento 1’s already ended and security could be a threat. This means that your store no longer receives security updates and the interface is outdated for your customers. Also, new extensions are difficult to find for Magento 1 as developers have stopped supporting the platform. In fact, developers willing to work on your current store would be difficult to find.

Our Magento Upgrade Services Include:

Upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 theme is an intimidating process that requires an expert’s knowledge. By choosing Techomatic Web Services, you can enjoy:

  • Magento Core Update
  • Data upgrade and backups
  • Installing the latest security patches
  • Configure necessary extensions
  • Free upgrade of any third-party extension

Our 4 Steps Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2


The first thing we do is download Magento 2 packages. Then, we install the packages on a test server. After this, we begin to move Categories, Product attributes, and other data on your store. Along the line, we evaluate the functionality and the performance of the new theme.


Keep in mind that the Magento 1 extensions will not work for Magento 2. So, we need to install and configure the necessary extensions of the new Magento theme for your eCommerce store.


We test and ensure that everything works smoothly on your new website. Should we notice any glitches during this testing phase, we will fix them too.


Finally, it’s time to upgrade your Magento 1 theme to Magento 2. Optimize the theme to ensure all the features work efficiently, including website speed and customer-friendly user experience.

What Your Magento Store can Deliver After an Upgrade?

By now, you should already be aware of our great Magento can develop your business. With our Magento Upgrade Service, you can expect an even better interface, and more control enhancement, security, and functionality. Moreover, our team has expertise with both the Community and Enterprise Edition of the newest version of Magento. So, you can expect the best experience with our Magento upgrading service.

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved checkout
  • Boost sales and accelerate growth
  • Easier product uploads and enhanced customization
  • Optimized website page loading
  • Enhanced search and SEO features
  • Enhanced user-friendly approach
  • Increased website loading speed
  • Better security enhancements