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Introduction to Link Building

It’s no secret that link building remains an important part of the off-site SEO puzzle.

Whether you’re new to link building or have been doing it for a while, you need to understand that the process of link building has changed. Google doesn’t embrace just stuffing your website with some garbage backlinks and expect to get away with it. NO!

Sincerely, it used to be all about natural links but in recent times, Google has introduced an algorithm update – the Google Penguin.

The links that you build to your website tell the search engines what the page is going to be about. Of course, only quality links. Each backlink created can also be counted as a vote in favor of your website.

You need to acquire as many backlinks as possible to outrank your competitors in SERPs for your selected keywords.

Backlinks from trustworthy and high-authority sites are considered the best to earn, as backlinks from low-authority are potential spammy links.

What is Link Building?

Link building is simply the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own.

Specifically, each quality link (for example, from an authoritative site) to your website counts as a vote for you. This means that your webpages have more chance of being crawled by google and other search engine bots.

Additionally, the keyword you wish to rank for will rank faster on Google search engine results page (SERPs) than your competitors’. If you don’t have any quality links to your website, then this will make it difficult to achieve.

When asked about the ranking factors that Google takes into account, Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, affirmatively said:

“I can tell you what they are. It is content. And it’s links pointing to your site.”

The Google algorithm update in April 2012, Penguin – was introduced to punish sites that manipulate the SERPs falsely. As Danny Sullivan listed in his article “Google Launches ‘Penguin Update’ Targeting Webspam In Search Results” (2012), manipulations include keyword stuffing, cloaking, malicious duplicated content, and link schemes.

In early 2017, Google announced that Penguin has become part of the core search engine ranking algorithm. In fact, between 2012 to 2016, it impacted 3.1% of English-language search engine queries and filtered many websites from the SERPs.

How does Penguin work then?

Since 2012 till now, its major focus has been on unnatural links – checking the authority of your links. What Penguin checks really are where the links are posted, how they’re posted, value and relevance to the visitors of your site.

Link Building – Statistics

  • Moz reveals that about 37% of business owners spend between $10,000 and $50,000 per month on external link building.
  • 49% of Small MEs employ link building tactics, as it helps them effectively to compete online against other bigger brands.
  • 36% of SEO work and time are focused on link building.
  • The 90/10 rule of link building indicates that, “90% of your effort should go into creating great content, and 10% into link building”.
  • Content promotion is one of the top tactics for gaining links, for example guest posting. 90% of link builders admit it’s vital to them in the SEO sector.
  • At the end of December 2017, 47% of all websites used Content Management Service (CMS) as their development platform.
  • Guest posting and strategies gained a 112% increase since 2005 and it remains at an all-time high since 2013.
  • Google accounts for about 76% of the traffic from desktop search traffic, followed by Bing and Baidu at 8% and 7% respectively. For global tablet/mobile search traffic, Google led by 94%, followed by Yahoo and Bing that accounted for 3% and 1% respectively.
  • London, United Kingdom is 5thamong the top seven countries recognized for guest posting in the world.

What’s the Value of Link Building for Your Website?

Over the years, one of the most common struggles for small businesses is the inability to build quality links to their websites. Many of them still use the old-school strategies of link building that have been cracked by Google, and they get no leads.

Indeed, a website without quality links can never rank for a keyword on search engines.

For your website to yield leads and sales, it depends completely on the value of the links you get. And, link authority determines their value!

By recent statistics, the link popularity of websites accounts for 22.33% of the elements of Google ranking algorithm.

Beyond just generating traffic to your website, Link building has a lot more benefits. Improving your website’s authority and value can as well help in the following ways:

Brand and Content Visibility: Building more links on more authoritative sources means you’ll increase your brand’s visibility. At the same time, it increases the visibility of the contents on your website as your ranking on Google will increase. This will create more leads to your site. A potential customer who searches online for a business in your niche will have a better chance of going to you, rather than to your competitor.

It helps in sending Referral Traffic: One of the greatest benefits of link building is the generation of referral traffic. Getting quality traffic is far better than getting traffic that’s not relevant to your business. Undoubtedly, everyone agrees that quality pays off than just quantity.

Link building leads the right target of customers to your business. And as a result of this, you have a better chance of sales than your competitors. In this instance, link building isn’t just about SEO – it’s about customers.

It builds your brand: You can use your affiliations with high-authority links to boost your brand reputation as someone that can be trusted. The goal is solely to associate yourself with names the public already recognize. And this helps create an immediate trust by showing off how you’ve been featured on these top-level publishers.

In fact, creating quality contents are the fastest way to link these top-level publishers – like Forbes and Huffington Post.

It helps create ongoing return: link building has the power to generate ongoing returns. The links you build are almost always permanent. Of course, a publisher can delete you’re your link, but the authority already built from those backlinks is accumulative. After a few months of consistent effort link building will eventually reward you.

Building quality relationships: effective link building an often involve an outreach to other relevant blogs and websites in your industry. This outreach usually involves a promotional need of a something you’ve just created, for example, an infographic placement. Outreach can help establish long-term quality relationships with key influencers in your niche, which equally create a trust notion on your customers. Link building surly helps to expand your network and it generates advocates for your business.

How Hard is it to Build Links?

Now let’s face it, Link Building is difficult but not impossible.

It requires time and effort; resources you may not have as you invest a lot of hours in running your business.

Unfortunately, link building and outreach is a continual investment. It is not something you do once and forget about.

But the good news is, we would be more than happy to help you. Cheers!

We will create quality content, guest posts, and build links for your site on a continuous basis depending on your needs. This will surly improve your search engine rankings and increase both leads and sales for your business website.

We’ll Build Links that convert to Leads and Sales

Traffic generation is good, but not the ultimate as converting to leads and sales.

Link building and quality content are like a chain that cannot be broken in order to rank your website on Google. One without the other will not convert to leads, let alone sales.

From the link building statistics, search query remains the top traffic driver to websites. If you are not discoverable by customers when they go online, this will in return generate no lead and sales. As a matter of fact, you rank lower compared to your competitors.

For many years, we have been building links for clients from several industries. We understand the needs and worries a business owner may have: Will I get links for my industry? Will I be able to compete against other (bigger) competitors?

We assure you these two are possible. Read on and find out!

Foolproof Link Building Strategies

At Techomatic, we make sure that, regardless of your industry, we will provide you with quality links and top-notch quality to help increase your leads and sales.


We build strategies to adapt to the constantly changing algorithms of the online world. as a result of this, we also employ the following strategies:

  • Broken link building – to build relationships with website owners and to increase your ranking.
  • We create links from powerful resource pages on your site.
  • Guest blogging – listing your site on high-quality, authority directories.
  • Link building through social media
  • Expert roundups or content that seeks experts’ opinions on a given topic.

Our web design team really do for the extra mile when we take on your project. Firstly we make sure you have a specification that we can work from and you can also check we are doing what we talked about. This creates a fantastic base to get your web design project up and running with our website developers.

Experience is key in web design all of our team are have the necessary experience to build your website to suite your business needs. We don’t waste any of our time and get straight into the web design project. We are google certified which means you can have peace of mind in knowing that we are qualified to a high standard. We have worked on websites with small budgets all the way to web design projects for huge blue chip companies. Techomatic Web Services put our all into any project we work on, after all if your website succeeds then so do we.

Our team are dedicated website developers whether you are looking for an Bradford ecommerce website or a small – large business website we have all the tools needed to help you achieve your goals.

Guest Posting and Blog Outreach

We will build up your brand authority by guest posting on other highly-targeted websites within your industry. For instance, if you sell used cars, we will target websites that the search engines consider to be high-authorities on used cars (or perhaps more broadly, on cars).

Why guest posts?

Guest posting is a great way to get your brand in front of a new audience, also to generate leads to your webpages. The needful thing is for you to have quality contents on your own website to show as a sample.

Indeed, guest posting is one of the most powerful ways of building high-authority that will help you set brand value and acquisition of link juice.

Google uses the number of quality links pointing to your webpages to boost your website’s authority. Specifically, link building sends a signal to Google that your website has something of importance to customers, hence giving you a better rank.

What we do?

The quality of our links is ultimately remarkable. We place priority on the quality of links we generate to your website – not just to show off to you.

We start by reaching out to other blogs and websites in your industry whose audience could be potential customers. These websites and blogs are respectable and have high relevance to your business.

We equally understand the importance of link building to your business. As such, we ensure that we use the right tools and expertise to provide top-notch link building services to you.

Creating Linkable Assets

We’ve been emphasizing the need for quality content on your website.

It’s that important because link building alone as a strategy to rank better does not work anymore. Without quality and valuable content, link building is just a wasteful effort and Google may evenguestually penalize your site.

A linkable asset is any part of a website that its target audience will genuinely see as worth referencing to. It could be content or anything that can be of interest to your potential customers.

Online publications with high authority no longer accept just any guest posting. These days, they have started to check the quality of content before accepting them.

Of course, it’s a reasonable development as they would want to keep the integrity of their website as well. Hence, it has become increasingly difficult to get links from authority sites.

As SEO experts, we understand and focus on creating linkable assets on your website.

We aim to provide high-quality content on your website that will engage and inform the readers. This include (but not limited to) quality blog posts and resource pages that people want to link to.

We provide well written, thoroughly researched, and original content, that surly keeps your readers engaged. The content will be unique and appealing in every way, as well as keeping a friendly layout to mind.

Wondering how creating linkable assets can benefit your business?

Your business can benefit from creating linkable assets in so many ways, such as:

  • Ability to attract high-authority links continuously to your domain.
  • It strengthens your website’s online brand presence.
  • Generating more fascinated brand followers and leads to your business.
  • It increases your visibility on SERPs and generates more traffic to your website.

What to Expect From our Team

We do not want you to have stress and worries of having a website that does not gain traffic and, in turn, fail to give you your return on investment (ROI).

Hence, we build only great, white hat links. We understand that building low-quality links to your website may warrant Google to penalize your site.

We make use of quality guidelines when building backlinks in order to avoid possible penalties as much as we can.

Our team deliver professional services to clients all over the World. We use quality links and content to build authority and trust for your website.

We put quality first and we’re 100% customer focused. Additionally, we keep transparency at the peak.

When you work with Techomatic, you can expect the following from our expert link building team:


Qualified and Experienced

We have worked with many businesses and digital agencies in the past.

Some of the industries we have previous experience working with are accountancy, construction, tradesmen, fashion, travel, commercial window cleaning, e-commerce websites, medical, kitchen & cocktails, among many others.

Whatever industry your business falls, be rest assured that we’re capable of handling your needs. We do understand that the requirements of every business may not be the same, due to different industries. Hence, we use the strategies that would best fit yours.

The Right Tools

We deploy a broad range of tools so we can provide the right data needed for better link building. We have tools for competitive links, blogger outreach tools, proper prospecting, and backlink data tools, among many others.

Adaptable Strategies

We understand that search engines constantly update their algorithms to provide relevant results to all search queries.

This will not be a problem for you to stay on top of your game as abide by rules and guidelines set by search engines. By this, we build links using strategies that will boost your site traffic, even in the long-term view.

Transparency and no secrets

Gaining your trust is one of the first things we aim for. This will let it be easy to successfully work together if you know that you are hiring the services of a link building company that you trust. We provide you with honest reporting.

Our Digital PR and Link Building Process

Techomatic is the #1 link building agency based in the UK.

Our Digital PR services help optimize your brand’s digital footprint. We drive awareness, increase brand leads, achieve monthly backlink goals, and a dramatic increase in revenue.

We achieve this goal by strategically securing online placements through digital marketing relationships.

Link building, guest posting, blogger outreach or digital PR – the major goal for all these is towards achieving the same thing: getting links to your site in order to improve search engine rankings.

If you want your website to rank for a keyword that will increase your lead and sales, then quality links is a must.

Wewill provide you with a total support and hands-off solution: from researching & creating strategies, to doing the outreach, and to creating top-notch content.

To achieve that, we approach the Digital PR initiatives in the following steps:

Step 1: Research and Strategize

When we handle your project – we start by understanding your company, competitors, study existing links, and potential websites to target.

Based on what you want, we’ll come up with a range of content ideas for your website.

Our marketing experts find quality, relevant websites for you to approve. Afterwards, you choose the SEO metrics, then we start working based on that.

We provide you with the following objectives, (but not limited to):

  • Increasing organic traffic through higher rankings.
  • Generating conversions.
  • Building relationships with industry influencers and bloggers.
  • Increasing direct visits to your website content.

We strategize the best approach for your link buildings goals and discuss them with you before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Link Building Outreach & Content Creation

We take the insight from our research, we then go on to either of these two: 1) identifying a list of websites to outreach to & methods to contact each (either direct or indirect), and specific content ideas for each of them; OR 2) creating content ideas for website which we can use to create backlinks to your site.

Link Quality

We measure the value of a link by two ways: through Trust Flow (TF) and Domain Authority (DA).

Domain Authority is ranking metric that tells how well a site will rank. DA measures the strength of a website on a scale of 1 to 100. And the closer you are to 100, the more traffic and better ranking you’ll get. Trust Flow, on the other hand, is a metric that determines the quality of links pointing to your website. It also ranges on a scale of 1 to 100. And, the higher the number, the better for your site.

By working with you, we’ll be able to find a list of prospects that will pass both TF and DA standards.

Content Quality

You need not bother yourself with building quality content – our experienced content professionals will come up with topics that will keep your visitors engaged and informed.

The content can be in the form of original blog posts, infographic placement, or resource pages. More importantly, we create them in a way that your readers will find friendly and relate to easily.

We’ll ensure that the content we provide – be it for your site or for guest posting – will be of value to readers.

Step 3: Personalized Outreach

This is the most important part!

Our approach to personalized outreach is one that focuses on high quality and fast responding blogs, and news outlets across the world. We leverage competitive intelligence, hence, we place your content on the best websites in the world.

Having the content ready, we await your approval. Afterwards, we do two things:Firstly, we place it live on your website and outreach to influencers to keep them aware. Secondly, we outreach to authority websites about guest posting approval.

Once we have an approval, we create the content and send directly to the websites’ owners for publishing.

We also provide other manual link building services, which are:

  • Broken link building.
  • Links from resource pages.
  • Writing expert roundups.
  • High-quality and relevant directories.
  • Forum and blog comments.
  • Testimonial link building.
  • Competitor research of inflow links.
  • Recovering any of your old, dead backlinks.
  • Turning any mention of your brand/site into a backlink.

Each of our clients undergo a general site audit before we start any work. Each link building strategy focuses on quality links, not spammy ones.

You tell us what you want, we don’t assume on your behalf. And we are very transparent with you, we keep no secrets.

We custom build metric based on guest posting campaigns to acquire the high authority links that are most relevant to you and your industry

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