Who we are & what we do

Hello! We are Techomatic Web Services

Professional Marketing, SEO & Website Designers in Yorkshire
We believe in simple straight forward ways to work online. Whether that be selling products or services. Online users just want to be able to find what they need and purchase it. We believe the easier you make it for the customer to see your products and purchase them the more they will.

Our experience is 12 YEARS of web design . We have worked in marketing for 10 years. 

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techomatic Web Services


A couple of the services we cover


Click below to find out more about SEO we even offer a free report on your website.


Click below to find out more about our website design packages from small websites to online ecommerce stores .


Click below to find out more about social media packages and how we can help grow your business.


A showcase of our works

Below are just a select few of some of the works we have completed. We have tried to include different product areas from apps to ecommerce and web development. We have also captured one of our client’s live website statistics during the daytime.


Some of our other services

Mobile apps

We have built several Apps to a very high standard ask us more to find out what we have done.


Integrating payment platforms in to bespoke systems, websites is one of skillsets building online shops and bookings is what we call our bread and butter.

Digital marketing

Google adword’s and Facebook are just two resources we know lots about. We can also help with remarking to lost customers as well as new ones.


We work with cool companies

We believe in working with the right people the we are the right fit for and vice versa.


How we work

We work using 6 steps to go from the initial meeting to new product launch or adjustment. Using these steps helps us find out more about what the root of the problem is and how we go about fixing it. These 6 steps do not fit all businesses, but we feel it’s always best to have a starting point.

Defining the problem

What prevents you from reaching your goal? What is missing from your business or current setup?

Conduct the research

Having a look at how others have solved the problem give inspiration on how to fix yours.

Brain Storming

This is a integral part of the process bouncing ideas about helps creativity.

Design & development

The look of the website is very important if choosing a template choosing the right one with the right functions.

Final discussion

Final changes before launch fine tuning anything to be the way you would like it.

Product launch

Launch and preparing for launch is very important to make sure everything is in place to be successful.