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A little about our team

Website Design Company Bradford from Techomatic. We are a full-service digital agency based in Bradford we help to address the ever changing digital needs of online businesses.

Over the years, we’ve stamped our mark as one of the city’s finest design, development and marketing agencies. We love proving why we deserve that reputation.

We’ve worked with clients across almost every industry, from charities and publications to pet foods and payment platforms, and would love the opportunity to work with you too. 

web design leeds

Dream Wardrobes
& Storage Solutions
by Refink

We were set tasked with setting up a brochure site for Refink. Refink manufacture & build bespoke storage solutions. We have also started to work on their Facebook Advertising campaigns to great success!


Some of our popular services


Business/personal websites that let people know what you do and help people find you and get in touch online.


The WordPress/Woocommerce solution is the go to e-commerce platform, it provides one of the most flexible e-commerce platforms enabling us to design and build user friendly free websites.


This is where our fantastic experience comes into play, we have been building custom websites for large companies for quite some time now. Ask for more details.

A fantastic website rebuild for
Palm Yorkshire

Palm Yorkshire are a leading boiler installation company based in Yorkshire. Palm came to us and tasked us with building a modern slick website with an amazing quote calculator for boiler installs.


Our Web Design Process

First Contact

Our first meeting to find out your needs and let you know what we provide.

Your Requirments

We will provide you with a form to fill in your specifications and needs.

First Version

We will send over your first draft as discussed per your requirements.

Final Changes

You will send over any changes based on the first version and we will add the final bits of content.

Website Go Live

This is the exciting part where we put your website live and on the available search engines such as google.

Code Guarantee

We guarentee all our code for 30 days. This is just for extra peace of mind for you.


Some of the features we can include


Our hosting starts at £9 per month and you don’t have to choose us for your hosting we are more than happy to work on existing server set ups our main goal is your website and getting you out there hosting is just a littler solution we provide for those who would like it all taken care of.


All of our website quotes include an SSL certificate by default as we know this now an important part of googles algorithm system. An SSL certificate gives customers peace of mind and shows that you are an authenticated business. Chrome for instance now shows a message saying “your connection to this website is not secure”.


We use WordPress as a free content management system or as they are know as a CMS for short. WordPress enables you update your website quickly and efficiently, we can also provide a training days for one of your staff members to attend to learn how to use WordPress with one of our designers, This will enable you to update your website once its live.


We can include tracking to see how your visitors behave and which pages they land on your website. Google Analytics helps you know which marketing campaigns are the most successful. This in turn helps your website grow by optimizing the best marketing techniques out there.


We can link your customer reviews to your website to help give your potential customers peace of mind when purchasing your product or booking your service. Reviews also help with your search rankings for your keywords it’s about building up that trust with live users.


We include the foundations of SEO for your homepage using your preferred keyword or phrase. This will help your business get found on google. Talk to one of our talented website designers Bradford and SEO experts.


If you don’t already have your domain we can register it for you and get it up and running, alternatively we can use the domain you have bought.


We can include portfolios, contact forms, social media integration, video galleries, maps, events, images and more.


A logo is the representation of your business in one image. We partner up with several fantastic designers who all specialize in all different things. We think carefully before using one of those designers for your logo.

Our web design team really do for the extra mile when we take on your project. Firstly we make sure you have a specification that we can work from and you can also check we are doing what we talked about. This creates a fantastic base to get your web design project up and running with our website developers.

Experience is key in web design all of our team are have the necessary experience to build your website to suite your business needs. We don’t waste any of our time and get straight into the web design project. We are google certified which means you can have peace of mind in knowing that we are qualified to a high standard. We have worked on websites with small budgets all the way to web design projects for huge blue chip companies. Techomatic Web Services put our all into any project we work on, after all if your website succeeds then so do we.

Our team are dedicated website developers whether you are looking for an Bradford ecommerce website or a small – large business website we have all the tools needed to help you achieve your goals.

An e-commerce website for
Radical Reefs

Radical Reefs were looking for a  complete overhaul of their existing website along with some marketing. We have helped them increase their revenue 14x from the previous year.


Where our services cover

We work nationally but are based in Bradford. Using the map in the page is just one of the ways it can help SEO which stands for search engine optimisation. This helps us come higher in the Google rankings for our home town. We can do the same for you. We actively encourage face to face meetings, whether that’s at our web design company in Bradford base or at your premises.



Below are just a select few of some of the works we have completed. We have tried to include different product areas from apps to ecommerce and website development Bradford. We have also captured one of our clients live website statistics during the daytime. Live statistics or statistics in general using google analytics helps track where you are getting your content from. This enables you to know what your customers web trends are too.



Call our ecommerce team

012 74 615 959

Our ecommerce location

109 Whitfield Mill, Apperley Bridge,
Bradford, BD100LP

Our business service time

Mon – Fri 09.00 – 20.00


Questions for website design in Bradford

What is your need for a website?

First thing is first its important to establish your reason for a website and this will give you the first ideas of what type of website is right for you.

Just some of the reason for a need for a website are:

Your competition have one.

You want your business to be found.

New clients and customers generated.

Online businesses are opened 24/7

Your customers can find out all about your products and services

Why pay a professional when you can do it yourself?

There are plenty of people around now a days that can build a website to a standard. There is a fundamental difference between a professional and a non professional. A professional spends 40 hours plus per week on building your business. They have the know how to deliver, they know what works and what doesn’t. We see tons of websites advertised for just £99 these are not going to attract you business and in a lot of cases look dreadful.

What is a fair price for a website?

The million pound question how much a website should cost is a very variable question when looking for a web design company in Bradford. A website should be value for money. A fair wage for the designer and a fair price for the customer. We pride ourselves on been able to explain what you are spending your money on.

Can I see some of your previous work?

It’s always important to have total confidence in the company or web designers you trust to build your website. We would love to show you some of our works and explain the inner workings with you.

Do you use templates or are the websites custom designed?

It’s important to know whether your website will be custom made or from a template. Templates are usually much more cost effective.

Will it be a responsive site that works on multiple mobile and tablet devices?

This is an important question to ask and some websites are not made this way although this is becoming less and less a worry. All our websites are designed with responsiveness in mind check out our portfolio.

How long do typical website design projects take?

Every project we book takes a different amount of time to complete. We will give you a timescale at the time of quote.

What search engine optimization or marketing do you do for the site?

All websites and customers need different levels of SEO (dependant of industry and competition) we will always include some in all of our web design agency Bradford builds and suggest improvements.


Word of warning

We see quite often our competitors advertising “cheap web design Bradford for £199” or “websites from £99”. The simple truth is we all can do this but how much real time is put into these websites? The answer is bare minimum. We are based in Bradford which is in West Yorkshire people from Yorkshire in particular say it how it is. We would like to spend at least a week on new websites, this is because we feel if you want your business to be ranked under the correct keywords i.e. web design Bradford such as this page then the time needs to be put into the contact. Above check out our info on SEO which will show the thought that goes around a good website. We can explain exactly what every penny you spend with us goes on.