How to market your brand, service or products?

Once your website is built the next step is looking at how you are going to get people engaged with it. Signing up to your services or products is always the primary focus. 

When choosing a company to promote your website after the website has been built is always an important process. It’s important to take your time when selecting the company for you. At Techomatic Web Services we can work with all kinds of budgets to suit your needs we will be realistic in what to expect for you budget and won’t just take your money without give you realistic expectations and results. Below we list some of the areas we are experts including, Social Media Marketing, Blog posting, content creating, ppc and various advertising campaigns and SEO. Check out the SEO page for more information on SEO.

Social Media Marketing


We can build your facebook page and provide monthly management or training. We will talk about facebook ads further below.


Twitter is great for business updates and linking it to your other social media we help you prepare this.


Linkedin is a brilliant business tool that we use daily if you have a services business especially we can help get this set up they even offer ppc.


Instagram is new and exciting in the world of businesses earlier it was used mainly as a photo album that was online but more and more businesses are using it to promote their products or services.


Video marketing through places like youtube and vimeo are fantastic for SEO weather wanting to use paid adverts or just wanting a video marketing content creating we can help.

Other Social Media Profiles

The ones we have mentioned are the main ones however there are lots more that we use every day ask us for more information on them.


Pay Per Click