Top 11 Benefits of SEO

Top 11 Benefits of SEO

Have you considered how SEO can help you yet? For sure, you have heard lots and read some sorts on the web.

But do you know how it can help your business? Below we discuss 15 top benefits of SEO.

Top 11 Benefits of SEO

1. SEO Helps to Create Brand Awareness

SEO plays about the average of the role in spreading your business. The more your business value over the web, the higher your potential of increasing your brand.

Your brand speaks volumes about who you are, what you are, where you are, and more. Coupled with offering unrivalled services, you need to put your brand on the lips of your customers.

SEO helps you gain much popularity that makes users themselves sell your brand to others. This way, users all over the world can contact you through organic searches via the web.

2. SEO Puts You Ahead of Your Competition

Well, the success or growth of any business relies on the Online Marketing Strategies you plan to implement. One of those strategies, however, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In essence, it makes sense to invest in SEO. Wondering why? Almost 90%of users across the globe rely on Search Engines to find any product or services!

When used correctly, SEO, and offering quality services on your website puts you in a better position to lead your competitors.

However, if your competitors are using the same strategies as you, you might need to implement almost all tips of effective Digital Marketing to leave them behind.

3. SEO Supports Your PPC Campaigns

What is another benefit of SEO?

It aides or strengthens even your PPC campaigns. While PPC is a paid strategy, SEO is FREE. However, incorporating both gives even better results – YES, they can work together.

In addition to acting as a backup plan for your PPC campaigns, SEO reinforces your presence in search engines. Imagine having your page on Google’s top list and having your ad displayed at the top – epic!

Moreover, you can use data from SEO to determine a page that ranks best and target your ad for such a page for better conversions.

4. Gives Better ROI than Advertising

Generally, running paid ads costs money and brings instant results. SEO, on the other hand, is free but takes time.

However, in the long run, SEO gives a better return on investment (ROI) than paid ads. Statistically, a single hit from Google organic search pays better than a hit from PPC or other paid ads. In other words, you might have 2x sales from an organic lead than from an ad.

Also, keep in mind that organic results compel a higher percentage of users than paid ads.

5. SEO Improves Your Local Marketing Efforts

This benefit of SEO might make more sense for local businesses. That is because about 80% of local searches convert. So, investing in SEO improves your visibility to local searches and also increases your sales.

And if you’re not investing in local SEO, you give your competitors an edge – you bet they do! As a result, it becomes easy for them to outshine you. Don’t do that!

6. SEO Will Help People Find Your Website

SEO also helps people find your website. Online marketing offers strategic tools that drive high-end traffic to your site.

When you engage proper SEO measures, your target audiences will see your website in search results. They can find you when they need to – not a coincidence. So, they are more likely to devote more time and act on your calls-to-action (CTAs). Moreover, this reduces bounce rates on your site.

This fact is one of the major reasons over 60% of marketers say SEO is a reliable strategy.

7. SEO Build Trust & Credibility

A key benefit many business owners often ignore is how SEO might help improve their credibility among users. Ranking on Google’s first page – or other search engines, like Bing – will mean that users find your page reliable and useful. And of course, signals they trust your site.

About 75% of users don’t usually go to the next search result page. Yes! The reason is that users trust Google, for instance, to filter the results according to their search query – eliminating spams.

In other words, say they input “website design agency in Bradford,” they expect webpages that are relevant to this keyword phrase.

So, Google falls back to using on-site and off-page signals, including content you create and page loading speed.

8. SEO Increases Your Site’s Usability

Just as you know, Google has a practice of putting highly usable and relevant pages in its top positions. Google understands how to interpret users’ feedback and experience. And it uses these elements to determine whether a website can be on its first page or not.

User experience matters a lot – if not the most useful element to ranking.

However, an SEO professional makes it very easy and simple to optimize your web pages for optimum results. Applying the basic principles of SEO yields better experience and indexing for users and search engines, respectively.

9. SEO is Measurable

In online marketing, there’s always a need to measure one’s growth and results.

SEO is such a great tool for this purpose since it is measurable than any other type of marketing strategy. With SEO, you can see where you are and where you are going in online positioning. Having proper projection, tracking, and analytics is possible with this tool of online marketing.

With SEO, you can – but not limited to:

  • Identify slow loading pages.
  • Work out cost-effective strategies.
  • Determine whether or not you’re using the right keywords.
  • Establish click-through-rates (CTR).

10. SEO is a Long-Term Strategy

SEO is a long-term strategy, and one you can trust.

It surely takes time, say between 3-6 months, to see your expected results. However, as climbing up the rankings is not so easy, so it is to move down. Once your website ranks very high on Google and other Search Result Pages (SERPs), you rarely move down – fuelling the strategies.

But if you relent on your SEO practices, and the competition increases, you might stop ranking as before. Plus, Google algorithm updates might impact your ranking.

11. SEO Helps to Get Backlinks

Backlink – what is it?

It is just when a webpage is linking to another site or page. There are two, namely, Internal Backlink and External Backlink.

Well, how does SEO help to get more backlinks?

Bloggers and webmasters would always like to link back to a page that appears on Google’s first page. As expected, such a page must be trusted before it ranks so high and puts other SEO practices.

So, if your webpage appears on the first page of search engines, people will also want to link to that page. And your backlink keeps improving as you step-up your SEO game.


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