Above in text as requested for my blogs:

1. Google prioritizes mobile responsive sites

Google are wise to more and more people using mobiles so the algorithm is changing and in doing so will change the way that Google displays search results. Websites that are optimized for mobile devices will rank higher than ones that are not. This means you can gain an advantage against your competitors and rank higher than them if your website is mobile responsive.

2. Everyone uses mobile

Lets face it, its the 21st Century, everyone wants ease of access and there is nothing easier than using a mobile device for visiting sites.
Having a mobile responsive website assures your customers and viewers that they can visit you from anywhere whether they are on the move or at home.

3. Enticing with great aesthetics

If your website looks great to your audience on their mobile device, they are going to stick around.
A great looking and professional website is always going to be the first choice.
Q- “Ever visited a non mobile responsive website?” A – “YUK”

4. Relevant and modern business

Your business will be seen as up-to-date if your website is mobile responsive.
If customers visited you from a mobile device and it wasn’t optimized, they would think that the website wasn’t taken care of and in turn think your business is the same.

5. Cross platform functionality

If your website works on multiple devices, you have a bigger audience..
Bigger audience, more customers.
Remember, for most people your website will be the first thing they see about you so if its optimized they will get a good impression.

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