The big problem with small business sites

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Common small business website mistakes

Websites are a critical meeting point between small businesses and customers. Maintaining an optimised site is crucial to acquiring new customers, building credibility and nurturing client relationships, almost one out of three small business owners maintain their website themselves, collecting key-sight functions that consumers want, like mobile optimisation, social network integration and user-friendly design. taking design into their own hands businesses cause headaches and risk having a poorly designed sites.

41% of small business owners who plan to improve their websites, say design/aesthetic is the top choice of action without a main Call To Action, customers won’t know why they are visiting the website or what your company has to offer full stop 93% of small businesses sites do not display contact email addresses. 49% like any phone numbers on their home pages. Time consuming updates full stop when you maintain your site of that, you running to the risk of wasting time you could be using to cultivate business 94% of business owners have the time necessary to update the website.25% say the cost of maintaining the site is a big hurdle.


without metrics, businesses are unable to track their progress, they reach, other customers habits and needs. 75% did not use tools to measure website performance. 60% do not feel they have the tools needed to make sense take action to resolve issues.

POOR SEO discover-ability

is important, central customers find your company. 26% I’ve small business sites cannot be found in online searches because their websites and a Google page rank of 0 I have no Google page rank


by allowing your customers to share their experience with your brand via social channels, your enabling information about your business to reach people you might not have otherwise targeted. Facebook widgets 91% Twitter widgets 94% twitter links 83%.


most people do they look at websites on their mobile devices. Without the technology to engage this group, small businesses are missing out on key consumers.60% do not have mobile websites on even if their websites is mobile capable.


without designated IT help, small businesses risk security breaches are costly mistakes. I’m going to the Professionals IT help is included with your website. 44% of small businesses have been cyber attacked. Small businesses may not be as tech savvy as larger companies, as they don’t have the staff to provide for a full-time IT person. Cyber attack cost £8,669.48 on average

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