New Website

Palm Yorkshire are one of the leading boiler suppliers and fitters in the UK.

The Brief

Palm Yorkshire already had a website built. When we spoke to their team they informed us that the current website was almost impossible to update and they really didn’t think it reflected their company in the right way.

One of the features they requested was an online calculator like some of their competition have. The calculator would need to come up with the right price for the customer and show the correct boiler based on the options the customer selected.

What we did

We set about the task of building a brand new website for all the services they offer. We looked at numerous options and styles until Palm Yorkshire were happy and began developing the new website. The calculator that they requested has over 500 different variations of products all depending on what the customer selects.

“Damien was recommended to us by a member of staff and we have no looked back. Every step of the way we were kept up to date and on schedule”. Palm Yorkshire

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