How much should a WordPress website design cost?

When thinking about website design costs there are lots of factors to look at. In this article we will look at all the things to consider when looking at pricing website design costs.

What web design services are you looking for?

How long do you want the website designer to spend on the project?

What is your targeted return on investment from the project?

What budget are you looking to spend?

Are you looking for continuous changes throughout the year?

Do you have a business plan?

When would you like the website completed by?

All the above questions are very important when looking at costs of a website. As you speak to your website developer they will talk you through various options and could even help you save money in some areas after all technology is meant to aid.

One of the things that can affect costs is market location so for example booking a website in the UK will be differently priced to booking a website in the USA.

We have been a part of websites ranging from under £1000 all the way up to £20,000 and the budget would be even higher if you include marketing costs.

Because there are so many factors that is why we never give any prices on our website for website design. From our experience most people’s expectation of costs is 2-3 times lower than the actual costs. Unless you have experience of been involved with a website project before it takes a bit of time to understand this.

When working with large website design specifications

A large website design project takes a lot of time to spec out. Most large specifications can take days to spec out and that’s totally normal when a designer puts this together they usually take this into account before deciding to provide the specification.

website design

Are you using an website design agency or a freelancer web designer?

An agency tends to be more expensive but they usually have the resources to take on any issue that may arise in the project. An agency normally have more staff so they can deliver your project quicker which helps when you have a deadline.

If you choose to work with an agency there is a much lower change of them disappearing. We hear the horror stories of website designers going bust on people or simply getting a decent offer from an agency and giving up the freelance route. The good guys will take you with them.

If you choose a freelancer, they are more likely to disappear and usually move much slower than an agency as they have other staff members they can call upon. When choosing a freelancer, you need to vet them more than an agency. The benefit of a freelancer is that you will work with the same person from start to finish. Small agencies are something in-between and a lot of people prefer this route as they tend to get benefits of both.

It’s a personal preference for you when choosing an agency or a freelancer. There are some fantastic website designers in both areas.

Freelancers are usually good for projects that are:

The job is the right size for one person (most projects usually are)

You are looking for them to start asap.

Communication can be relaxed and informal.

Big agreements don’t need to be signed just a simple agreement.


Agencies are usually good for projects that are:

You like to follow a project structure

You don’t want the risk of the website designer disappearing.

Large projects that need more staff working on them.

You don’t mind waiting to fit into their project schedule.

A dedicated project manager.

Pricing of website design

Were not going to talk about hourly billing against project billing as either have their benefits. In both cases the website designers you choose have to estimate the amount of time the project will take and charge accordingly.

It doesn’t matter if the web designer is an agency or freelance usually around 80% of the time is productive time actually working on the project. This should be the target of all agencies and freelancers that way the customer will receive the best value for money. In an agency this is usually slightly less because they will have managers that don’t usually work directly on the project as in developer work.

Were also talking about no subcontract work as we know some of this goes on in the industry from time to time.

If we work from a simple equation if the rate is £30 per hour and the design takes 60 hours and take into consideration 20 hours for project management then you have a total of 80 hours and the project would cost £2400. Profits are usually built into the hourly rate and not always but in most cases you get a better rate of work from an agency.

Agency hourly rates

Small Agency £30 – £50 per hour

Medium Agency £50 -£100 per hour

Large Agency best in industry £100 – £200 per hour


Freelance hourly rates

Beginners – £15 – £25

Intermediates £25 – £35

Advanced £35 – £50

Usually you find agency’s and freelancer rates increase dramatically in large cities or towns for example an agency in London will change far more than a website design agency in Bradford. In places like London the fees will be huge.

Everything we talk about today are estimates there are some out of the ranges we have spoken about today.

The other thing to note is that if a freelancer or agency have space they will discount to get you booked in. This happens all over the place. Also, if your offering a project that is great for their portfolio they also might discount the fees.

Discounts are usually offered if there is a retainer on the back of the project or if there is chance of repeat work.

The client the project is for is a part of the price factor. If it looks like a straight forward project and the customer is fairly open to your ideas and ways of doing it then it will be price accordingly. On the other hand if the customer wants to try different ideas and feel of the website then this will be priced accordingly too.

In summary don’t be surprised if you find different prices out there just ask plenty of questions and you won’t go far wrong. Always get a spec weather your working with a freelancer or working with an agency at least this way you will know where you stand.

If you would like to use the text or infographic feel free to as long as you place a link back to this page to give credit