Why a cheap website will bring cheap results

As a team of proven website developers, we are never short of work coming in but time and time again we come up against one question “Why are such and such company only charging £99, £199 and £299 for a full website?” the reality is simple these websites do not bring results. Hiring a good website developer is just like buying a car for £50 it might look a acceptable on the outside but underneath the hood the engine thinks it’s time to retire.


Cheap Website Build Quality

Cheap websites are often built with a non-growth attitude and are simply after a quick buck. You may as well build the website on Wix yourself and enjoy the process. Wix is not good for any type of SEO especially if you want to beat your competition. Cheap websites are often made in the exact same style and code as 80 websites in your area. Which in turn means that google is reading this code and structure as duplicate content. Google penalises duplicate content and ranks these websites bottom of the pile.


Pay Cheap Pay Twice

cheap website pay twice

Cheap SEO

Websites that have only cost a couple of hundred pounds are worth far less when they go live. If you contact the top 5 companies in your industry and ask them how much they spent on their website and SEO they will tell you a fortune however they will also agree they couldn’t live without it. When you compare this to fantastic SEO there is no comparison at all.


However, all is not lost

There are some fantastic priced website developers out there that will do a fantastic job and it won’t break the bank. A website should be thought about in the same realm of paying a member of staff for a month’s work. If you are in a competitive industry it may take two or even three salaries to get you to the top. However, once you are there you can reap the rewards of being the go-to company for your industry.


Talk to us and explain your budget and what you would like to see for it. We will go through why your budget is more than enough or if it needs tweaking we will be honest with you on what to expect.

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